Turkey is a big country with different climates and it has everything that a film director/producer may want: natural wonders, beautiful beaches, rocky shores, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, mountains, dry lands, modern architecture, unique cities, towns, villages and streets.
Antolia region, where a lot of Hollywood and European films were shot in the past, is like an open-air film studio. One of the advantages of Turkey is that it can be the setting for various settings in different countries.

A film whose story takes place in the Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine and Jordan can be shot in some cities in the South East of Turkey. The Aegean region full of olive trees and vineyards can be the setting for Greece, Italy and Spain. The Taurus mountains in the south of Turkey can be the setting for Switzerland, France and French Alps. The nature and environment in the Black Sea Region is very similar to the nature and environment in England, Ireland, Scotland and the North European Countries.

A Budget-Friendly Country
The film business is about managing resources and coping with challenges as musc as it is about firing the mind to mold fantasies into reality. Professionals value a location not only for its spectacular offerings but also for the ease it lends to the course of work.
Home to a vibrant film industry with well-established traditions of co-production, Turkey offer producers an ideal opportunity to diminish the costs of filmmaking.
Providing unbelievably low costs for film logistics, genuinely competitive prices for equipment rental and  professional labor, and last but not least, incredibly favorable exchange rates for the world currencies, Turkey is a goldmine of advantages that offers great peace of mind to film professionals in each and every phase of film production.

Easy Access
Located at the crossroads of the continents, Turkey maintains an extensive transportation network that is both efficient and cost-effective.
Airport across Turkey welcome 12.000 international flights per week. Turkish Airlines, one of the world's leading flagship carriers, frequent numerous major cities in Europe and the world.
Should visiting producers wish to transport film equipment via sea, many ports across the country are open to international freight ships.

As for railways and roads, TCDD (Turkish Republic State Railways) operates a system that extends 10.985 km in length, including a high-speed line that connects Istanbul to Ankara. The total length of the network of highways and motorways exceeds 10.000 km across the country.

Material Supplies and Equipment
The necessary technological equipment is available in Turkey and there are a lot of companies renting cameras, light and film set equipment, cranes, Jimmy Jib and steadycam of the latest technology.

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